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Rocking-Spur-Lorax-Social-Bug Option – 1: The Conventional Way

Selling a house can be a confusing, frustrating process. Real Estate agents, buyers, appraisers, inspectors, title companies, and banks all add to the complexity and difficulty of getting your property sold.
Don’t forget, each one of those people want to take money out of your pocket!  

We simplify that process and make it as easy as possible for you to sell your property and get you the most money. 
It’s a simple 3 step process and we have two options depending on your situation.

Contact Us

Contact Us

We will have a quick conversation on the phone.  We’ll gather some information about the property and your situation.   

Reach us at 806-302-2339

On-site Appointment

schedule appointment

Whenever it’s convenient for you, we will come to the property to do a quick walkthrough assessment.    We will answer any questions you have and gather the information we need to make an offer on the property. This should take 30 minutes to an hour.

Offer & Closing

get your cash

We will come to an agreement on price and terms.  We send out contract to e-sign and then we will close with a local title company. This process is fast and painless.   

Rocking-Spur-Lorax-Social-Bug Option – 2: The Virtual Way

Selling a house is hard enough. We don’t want to add to your worries, in the middle of a pandemic. We understand that in these times, social distancing can be a worry for so many of us. So, to ease up the process even more, we are offering a virtual way of doing business with us! Now you can sell your home from within the comfort of your home.

Call us today at 806-302-2339 , to start the process.

Contact Us

Contact Us

This is exactly the same as the first option. We’ll have a quick conversation on the phone to gather some information about the property and your situation.

Reach us at 806-302-2339

Virtual Appointment

virtual appointment

This is a new option that allows us to skip the on-site appointment. We ask you to take photos of your property and send them to us along with a short form about the condition of the property.   Alternatively we can do a live video walk-through with you.    We can assess the property virtually and come up with an offer based off your video, photos and the condition of the property.   This is incredibly fast and avoids us having to go to the home at all. 

Offer & Closing

get your cash

After we agree on price and terms, we will still send you a contract to e-sign.   We can also provide an extra level of remote service.  Closing documents have to be signed at a Title Office or in front of a Notary.   We can send a mobile notary directly to wherever you are to finalize the sale.  

Rspur team was great! They helped us through the entire process. They took into account all of our needs & we couldn’t be happier with the deal we got! We’ll definitely recommend them to our friends and family!

–The Jones, Amarillo, TX



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The Rocking Spur Difference

Most real estate investors are only interested in buying houses at bargain prices. We’ve been in business for a long time and have done over 100 transactions. That experience allows us to craft offers specifically tailored to your needs.   We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach for how to buy properties. We believe in solving problems for our clients and giving them the strongest offer possible. How does this work? 

Here are some examples:

Hope during a pandemic

We recently bought a property from a family that was in a really difficult situation.  They were going through financial hardship due to Covid-19 and were in forbearance on their mortgage.  

They tried to sell their house with an agent but after 6 months the best offer they could get would have forced them to come out of pocket for closing costs – money they did not have.   We were able to structure a full price offer where they walked away with zero money out of pocket.  

Home Buyers CT

Getting YOU the best deal…

Another property we purchased recently was an inherited property that the heirs no longer wanted.    If they had sold the property through an agent, they could have gotten about $130,000.  After closing costs, agent fees, and necessary repairs, they would have walked away with about $107,000.   

We were able to offer them $112,000 in cash with a quick close and none of the hassle.    

Home Buyers CT

How are we able to be so competitive?

One, we have the knowledge and experience to create offers that other investors simply can’t.  

Two, we have team of full-time professionals that work with us and allow us to be more cost-effective.  
Our construction, sales, finance, insurance, and closing costs are cheaper than what the average homeowner can get. We pass those savings on to our clients and create win/win offers.

There is no cookie-cutter formula for how to help people sell their home.  Every property is unique and every person’s situation unique.  

We at Rocking Spur Homes are passionate about working with clients to come up with the best possible solution to their situation.  

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